I am 100% pro-Life and have been my entire life. During my four years in the state legislature I had a 100% pro-Life voting record and long before I entered public service my dedication to that principle pervaded my business career. While CEO of Hutton Construction I refused projects that had any connection to the abortion industry.


I strongly believe in the value of ALL life, from womb to natural death, which includes support for the disabled and elderly. While a legislator I led the effort to support families with autistic children, crafting legislation that allowed those families to receive coverage for essential treatment that would help autistic children grow up to be more productive and better adapted to the world around them – coverage previously unaffordable for working families. Supporting and respecting Life does not end at birth. 



Our budget process in Kansas is broken. During my four years in the legislature not a single time did the Brownback/Colyer administration put forward a budget that balanced – and they kept the budgeting process secret ensuring there was little to no time to actually understand what was in it.


We need to do better. As a businessman, I believe the state budget needs conservative, common sense business principles applied to figure out where Kansas taxpayer money is being spent effectively and where it is not. As a taxpayer, I believe we all deserve to know where and how our hard-earned tax dollars are being spent. I am committed to leading a budget process that is not only more transparent, but does the hard work of figuring out what return Kansas taxpayers are getting on their investment. I will work with the people of Kansas and their representatives in the legislature year-round to ensure that your money is spent in the most effective and responsible way possible. 


I believe that our state government needs to be a glass building – let the light of public scrutiny shine into all nooks and crannies of our government. Taxpayers have a right to know how their money is being spent. Taxpayer dollars need to be spent in their best interest, not to line the pockets of the good old boys and special interests with lobbyists in Topeka. Transparency is a necessary ingredient in building and maintaining trust with taxpayers – it’s about ensuring Kansans know how and where their dollars are being spent, so they can hold their government accountable.


It’s also about no surprises – not announcing state budgets with no notice that have a $600 million spending increase where there is no way to pay for it. Conservatives balance budgets – a value that has been too long ignored by our governor. 


Economic Development

Too many of our children and grandchildren are leaving Kansas as soon as they graduate for jobs in other states. We need to invest in our future right here at home. To do that, we need to partner with local industries to prepare the workforce needed to keep jobs here in Kansas. We need to build partnerships between our higher education institutions and our local industries to ensure that our graduates have the skills needed to fill the jobs available. We also need to focus on growing our local companies and attracting employers that fit our communities. Simply going out and looking for large corporations to relocate to Kansas isn’t the solution – and it hasn’t worked.


We need to work with communities across Kansas to identify what they need and find economic development opportunities that fit those specific communities.



The Sebelius Supreme Court is completely out of line demanding their own spending levels for K-12 education. That is the constitutional right of the people’s elected representatives, not the purview of activist judges. They have absolutely no right to threaten to shut down our schools if their extortionary demands are not met on spending.


I would support a constitutional amendment to keep them in line.


On the issue of K-12 spending itself, Kansans deserve an answer as to whether we are adequately funding our schools. That question hasn’t been answered because no one has done the hard work to figure out whether our current levels of spending are actually working. There are no common metrics that we can accurately judge the return on investment on taxpayer dollars spent.


Every Kansan wants to ensure we are giving our kids and grandkids a world class education that will prepare them for the working world of tomorrow. They are willing to invest what it takes to build that world class education, but right now no one knows what that takes because we don’t know. We need to create a common set of metrics and evaluations that will give the taxpayers the data they need to determine the appropriate level of investment.


Second Amendment

I am a strong supporter of our second amendment rights. I will not stand for Michael Bloomberg’s attempts to influence our state into passing gun grabbing measures that impede on our citizens’ rights to exercise their constitutional rights. 


I am a concealed carry permit holder, and so is my wife – so much so that she has purses designed to fit each of her guns. The right to protect life, liberty and property is fundamental to our nation and I will do everything in my power to ensure those rights are protected. 



I strongly oppose sanctuary cities. We are a nation of laws and no city, county or municipality has the right to ignore our immigration laws and I will fight every day to ensure those laws are respected.


I also support a strong guest worker program that will allow employers across Kansas to fill their needs and help power the economy in every corner of the state. We need to advocate at the federal level for a system that recognizes that immigration is a privilege, not a right, but one that is essential to many Kansas industries that form the bedrock of our economy.